Maria D. Campbell

Founder of LetsBCoding and LetsBCoding Professor

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Maria teaches all things JavaScript, but she is also passionate about all things Git and Command Line. She feels it important that students should become better acquainted with their operating systems and understand how they work under the hood, and what better way than the Command Line. In addition, Command Line is essential for working with a variety of developer tools.

She feels that everyone should learn to code, because it develops one’s critical thinking and analysis. She also believes that when we learn to code, it changes the way we look at and approach things in our daily lives. We are becoming more and more dependent on technology, and it is almost becoming a necessity to gain a basic understanding of the tools we are increasingly dependent on. Our world is becoming more and more DIY (Do It Yourself) every day!

In her teaching of JavaScript, She includes Git and Command Line as well as an introduction to Node.js and npm. In her introductory Javascript course, she wraps up with a project she introduces earlier on covering only client side JavaScript. But with the final wrap up project, the same application is built with a Node.js back end server and Express. This is so her students understand the importance of using the back end to hide API keys.

She teaches on two operating systems. Windows and macOS. She works on both operating systems herself. She discovered that more and more of her students were using Windows, and she did not want to exclude that population. She covers the Windows CMD Prompt and PowerShell, Git, Node.js and npm. Everything the macOS users install and use, the Windows users install the equivalent of and use as well. This makes the teaching all inclusive.

Maria takes a very hands on approach, and believes in learning by doing. She is a strong proponent of the Maker Culture as regards Web Development, and her goal is to foster it in her teaching.

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