JavaScript is fun!

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So why IS JavaScript fun? First of all, it is powerful. Some may say simple, but I don’t think it is any longer. It is no longer the javaScript of 1995, when Brendan Eich created it in 10 days. It is no longer the JavaScript of 2009. It even is no longer the (modern) JavaScript of 2015, when everything changed.

I love all things media, and I come from that. That’s what makes JavaScript fun for me.

I can build cool illustrations with 2D or 3D HTML5 canvas.

I can create audio in the browser. Not only to create players, but the sounds themselves with the HTML5 Web Audio API.

I can do video streaming using Node.js (which is JavaScript).

I can create games using HTML5 2D canvas.

I can create image sliders. I can transform text to speech, and speech to text.

I can use the Geolocation API to discover someone’s location by longitude and latitude, and the list goes on! But before one can delve in so deeply, one has to learn the basics! So let’s take a stab at it together right now!

Maria D. Campbell

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const sentence = `JavaScript is fun!`;

{"question":"So what is the result of console.log(sentence)?","answers":["sentence","JavaScript is Fun!","null"],"correctAnswer":1,"bgColor":"#caa5e6"}

{"question":"What is an array in JavaScript?","answers":["A property","Syntax","An ordered list of values"],"correctAnswer":2,"bgColor":"#caa5e6"}

function concatenate(a, b) { 
    a = `Bring me some `; 
    b = `more water.`; 
    return a += b; 

{"question":"What is the result of concatenate()?","answers":["ab","a b","a + b","Bring me some more water."],"correctAnswer":3,"bgColor":"#caa5e6"}

const divideNums = (a, b) => { 
    a = 43; 
    b = 26; 
    return (a / b).toFixed(2); 

{"question":"What is the result of divideNums()?","answers":["22","NaN","69","17","1.65"],"correctAnswer":4,"bgColor":"#caa5e6"}